Ardamus of the Far Exp , The hardest working emcee in DC???????

Official Site: | @Ardamus

Born and raised in Nashville, TN. and now residing in Washington, DC, Ardamus has become a fixture in the DC/MD/VA hip hop scene. After crafting his talents as an emcee/producer/videographer, he has been able to participate in projects with the NIH, contribute to the DC Loves Dilla tributes, and other projects. As a Howard University undergraduate and a Full Sail University graduate, he has lent his talents for years to Sirius XM as the official voice of “Backspin”; which is known as the classic and progressive hip hop channel. He has shared the stage with such artists as Blueprint, Bus Driver, Das Racist, Cadence Weapon, Astronautlius, Sims of DOOMTREE, Open Mike Eagle, Mega Ran, Myka Nyne, and countless others.
arda 1 arda 2 arda 3
What do you think????????

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